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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Curriculum Companion?

Curriculum Companion is an online resource to support teachers and trainers in using and integrating technology with the state adopted curriculum materials in English-Language Arts.  It includes curriculum resources that are aligned to the textbooks including presentations, graphic organizers, Internet resources, video resources, and suggested activities.  In addition, Curriculum Companion has ongoing 24/7 professional development embedded within the site through the Tech How-To’s, Teacher Explorations, and the recorded online classes.

Can more than one person use the same subscription?

No, each user must have their own subscription to the Curriculum Companion web site.  Simultaneous logins are not possible on the Curriculum Companion web site.

Is there a demo account available?

To see a demo of the resources available at Curriculum Companion, visit Curriculum Companion Lite. The Curriculum Companion Lite has all of the resources as they exist on Curriculum Companion to start your year off right!

What is the cost for a subscription to the site?

A teacher account on Curriculum Companion is $49.00; a trainer account is $100.  All accounts are active from the date of activation, allowing for a full year of access to the resources on the site. Discounted pricing exists for bulk purchases of teacher subscriptions (see the order form).

For teachers in Region 3 (Sacramento, El Dorado, Alpine, Sierra, Placer, Nevada, Yolo, Yuba, Colusa, and Sutter counties), the cost of a teacher subscription to the Curriculum Companion web site is $25.00.  Trainer accounts are $100.

Do students have access to Curriculum Companion?

Currently, Curriculum Companion does not have a specific account system established for students.

How do I subscribe to Curriculum Companion?

Credit Card TypesNew subscribers: You may now subscribe to Curriculum Companion using a credit card! Use our online order form to start your subscription today! All major credit cards accepted and no Paypal account required.

For renewing subscribers, simply complete the order form and mail or fax it to the Sacramento County Office of Education.  Accounts are activated upon receipt of a Purchase Order # or a personal check made payable to the Sacramento County Office of Education.  We are working on automating the renewal system so that our existing subscribers can use a credit card - we hope to have it operational soon!

Can individuals subscribe to Curriculum Companion?

Yes, Curriculum Companion allows for individuals to subscribe to the site; however, we strongly encourage you to purchase through your school or district to utilize the bulk pricing.

Will Kindergarten be offered?

We hope to eventually offer curriculum resources for Kindergarten teachers. The professional development resources are not specific to any particular adoption or grade level, making them a valuable resouce for all teachers.

Will other curricular areas be added to Curriculum Companion?

Eventually, we intend to add History/Social Studies, Math, and Science to the Curriculum Companion.  For now, our focus is on providing a library of resources for the English Language Arts adoptions.

Why can’t I download the raw PowerPoint for the presentations?

Because we purchase photos for our presentations, we are bound by our user agreements with those companies to not release the actual PowerPoint presentations containing the purchased photos.  However, we do offer the presentations in five formats: a preview file (click on the small picture of the presentation), an HTML page, a PDF of the full slide, a Flash file, and a PDF handout.  Curriculum Companion presentations do not contain transitions or animations, so not having the actual file does not detract from the effectiveness of the presentation.

Why don’t you have the actual Discovery Education Streaming (formerly Unitedstreaming) or Learn 360 clips?

Again, we cannot put the actual video clip resources on the site as per the user agreement with Discovery Education and Learn 360.  If you are a subscriber to either service, you will find the suggested clip titles to be extremely helpful in supporting your lessons.

Do you have to attend training in order to have access to the web site?

No, you do not have to attend a Curriculum Companion training in order to access the resources on the web site; however, you do need to have a subscription.  It is recommended that you attend training in order to better understand and utilize the features of the web site.

Do trainers have to attend a Train-the-Trainers training in order to have access to the web site?

No, trainers are not required to attend a Train the Trainers institute offered by the Curriculum Companion staff.  However, we strongly encourage trainer to attend a Train-the-Trainers institute to fully maximize the potential of the training materials on the Curriculum Companion web site.

What resources can Curriculum Companion provide for training at my site?

Curriculum Companion will provide the training content which is available at the Curriculum Companion web site for trainer subscriptions only.  All participant and trainer materials are available in PDF format and can be printed by trainers and provided to participants at your site.  Curriculum Companion does not provide Classroom Instruction that Works, the ISTE NETS brochure, DVD’s, or software for training at your site unless you have attended a Train-the-Trainer institute provided by Curriculum Companion.  Resources to obtain these items are available on the Curriculum Companion web site.

What resources are provided as part of the Curriculum Companion Train-the-Trainers institute?

Curriculum Companion will provide trainers with a training binder of materials, Classroom Instruction that Works by Robert Marzano, the ISTE NETS brochure, sample Inspiration software and a full version of the newest Inspiration software (only if the Train the Trainers is an Inspiration training), the George Lucas Educational Foundation DVD “Moving Images 2”, and the NETS DVL DVD “Wall of Fame”. 

How will I know when Curriculum Companion Train-the-Trainer Institutes are offered?

New institutes will be posted on the home page of the Curriculum Companion web site as they are scheduled.

Do participants in my training need a subscription to Curriculum Companion?

Yes, in order for the participants in your training to fully experience the different features of the Curriculum Companion web site, they will each need to have an account.

How much lead time do trainers need to order accounts for participants?

In order to make sure that participants have working accounts on the day of the training, you will need to notify Curriculum Companion approximately 10-14 days prior to your training. 

Can Curriculum Companion staff come to my site and deliver the training?

Yes, we are available to travel and deliver Curriculum Companion training at your site.  Contact us to schedule and discuss fees for your training needs.

Will Curriculum Companion offer Continuing Education Credits for institutes?

Curriculum Companion is currently working with CSU Chico to provide 1 unit for every 15 hours of professional development completed as part of the newly revised Teacher Resources. A portfolio and project must be submitted to Curriculum Companion staff for review upon completion of each Exploration. Fees for reviewing are $60 per Exploration, and the fee for 1 unit at CSU Chico is $60 (two separate checks must be submitted - see the Teacher Explorations section when logged in).

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