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Houghton Mifflin Reading Story Index

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Curriculum Resources by Story Title

Grade 1 / Grade 2 / Grade 3 / Grade 4 / Grade 5 / Grade 6

Grade 1

Theme 1 Opener: All Together Now!

Theme 2 Opener: Surprise!

  • Reading Selection: The Box
  • Reading Selection: Wigs in a Box
  • Reading Selection: What Can a Vet Do?
  • Reading Selection: Hot Fox Soup
  • Reading Selection: A Hut for Zig Bug
  • Reading Selection: The Rope Tug

Theme 3 Opener: Let's Look Around

  • Reading Selection: Seasons
  • Reading Selection: Mr. C’s Dinner
  • Reading Selection: What a Trip!

Theme 4 Opener: Family and Friends

  • Reading Selection: Who’s in a Family?
  • Reading Selection: The Best Pet
  • Reading Selection: Bud’s Day Out

Theme 5 Opener: Home Sweet Home

  • Reading Selection: Moving Day
  • Reading Selection: Me On the Map
  • Reading Selection: The Kite

Theme 6 Opener: Animal Adventures

  • Reading Selection: The Sleeping Pig
  • Reading Selection: EEK! There’s a Mouse in the House
  • Reading Selection: Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Theme 7 Opener: We Can Work It Out

  • Reading Selection: That Toad is Mine!
  • Reading Selection: Lost!
  • Reading Selection: If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Theme 8 Opener: Our Earth

  • Reading Selection: The Forest
  • Reading Selection: Butterfly
  • Reading Selection: Johnny Appleseed

Theme 9 Opener: Special Friends

  • Reading Selection: When I Am Old With You
  • Reading Selection: A New Friend
  • Reading Selection: The Surprise Family

Theme 10 Opener: We Can Do It!

  • Reading Selection: Two Greedy Bears
  • Reading Selection: Fireflies for Nathan
  • Reading Selection: "The Hat" from Days with Frog and Toad

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Grade 2

Theme 1 Opener: Silly Stories

Theme 2 Opener: Nature Walk

  • Reading Selection: Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
  • Teacher Read Aloud:The Big Dipper
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Writing a Description
  • Reading Selection: Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett
  • Teacher Read Aloud: A Moose in the Bathroom
  • Reading Selection: Around the Pond: Who's Been There?
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Squirrels and Chipmunks

Theme 3 Opener: Around Town: Neighborhood and Community

  • Reading Selection: Chinatown
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Good-bye Curtis
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Friendly Letter
  • Reading Selection: A Trip to the Firehouse
  • Teacher Read Aloud: A Seldom-Seen Neighbor
  • Reading Selection: Big Bushy Mustache
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Cat Up a Tree
  • Reading Selection: Jamaica Louise James
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Millie's Garden

Theme 4 Opener: Amazing Animals

  • Reading Selection: Officer Buckle and Gloria
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Oscar's Enormous Purr
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Research Report
  • Reading Selection: Ant
  • Teacher Read Aloud: An Octopus is Amazing
  • Reading Selection: The Great Ball Game
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Little Fly and the Great Moose

Theme 5 Opener: Family Time

  • Reading Selection: Brothers & Sisters
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Only Emily
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Personal Narrative
  • Reading Selection: Jalapeño Bagels
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Jennifer and Granddad's Garden
  • Reading Selection: Carousel
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Great-Aunt Martha
  • Reading Selection: Thunder Cake
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Sophie's Special Cake

Theme 6 Opener: Talent Show

  • Reading Selection: The Art Lesson
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Omar on Ice
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Instructions
  • Reading Selection: Moses Goes to a Concert
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Sam Sings
  • Reading Selection: The School Mural
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Mr. Mell Goes to Camp

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Grade 3

Theme 1 Opener: Off to Adventure!

Theme 2 Opener: Celebrating Traditions

  • Reading Selection: The Keeping Quilt
  • Teacher Read Aloud: What Turkeys Eat for Thanksgiving
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Instructions
  • Reading Selection: Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Honoring Our Two Greatest Presidents: President's Day
  • Reading Selection: The Talking Cloth
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Storytelling Trees
  • Reading Selection: Dancing Rainbows
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Punxsutawney Phil: The King of Groundhogs Day

Theme 3 Opener: Incredible Stories

  • Reading Selection: Dogzilla
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Cows from Outer Space
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Story
  • Reading Selection: The Mysterious Giant of Barletta
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Bones Brothers and the Frozen Fence
  • Reading Selection: Raising Dragons
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The One-Horse Farmer
  • Reading Selection: The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Copycat Mouse

Theme 4 Opener: Animal Habitats

  • Reading Selection: Nights of the Puffings
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Cuckoo with Many Nicknames
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Research Report
  • Reading Selection: Seal Surfer
  • Teacher Read Aloud: In the Rain
  • Reading Selection: Two Days in May
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Should we help baby animals?

Theme 5 Opener: Voyagers

  • Across the Wide Dark Sea
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Sugar: Cross-Country Traveler
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Writing a Description
  • Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Pedro's Journal
  • Trapped by the Ice!
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Going West: Children on the Oregon Trail

Theme 6 Opener: Smart Solutions

  • Reading Selection: Pepita Talks Twice
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Penny's Present
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Persuasive Essay
  • Reading Selection: Poppa's New Pants
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Enormous Turkey
  • Reading Selection: Ramona Quimby, Age 8
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Fastest Cat on Earth

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Grade 4

Theme 1 Opener: Journeys

Theme 2 Opener: American Stories
  • Reading Selection: Tomás and the Library Lady
  • Teacher Read Aloud: E.B. White: Animal Lover and Author
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Writing a Description
  • Reading Selection: Tanya's Reunion
  • Teacher Read Aloud: No Plans? No Problem!
  • Reading Selection: Boss of the Plains
  • Teacher Read Aloud: What's for Dinner?
  • Reading Selection: A Very Important Day
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Lady with the Green Skin

Theme 3 Opener: That's Amazing!

  • Reading Selection: The Stranger
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Why the Raven Stays for Winter
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Story
  • Reading Selection: Cendrillon
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Cinderella
  • Reading Selection: Heat Wave!
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Yes, It Can Really Rain Frogs! Rain of All Sorts

Theme 4 Opener: Problem Solvers

  • Reading Selection: My Name is María Isabel
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Stone in the Road
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Persuasive Essay
  • Reading Selection: Marven of the Great North Woods
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Adrianna's Chickens
  • Reading Selection: The Last Dragon
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Frog
  • Reading Selection: Sing to the Stars
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Storyteller
Theme 5 Opener: Heroes
  • Reading Selection: Happy Birthday, Dr. King!
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Avalanche!
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Personal Essay
  • Reading Selection: Gloria Estefan
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Kids Did It! Real-Life Heroes
  • Reading Selection: Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Animals in Action

Theme 6 Opener: Nature: Friend or Foe

  • Reading Selection: Salmon Summer
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Caves: Wonders in the Dark
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Research Report
  • Reading Selection: Wildfires
  • Teacher Read Aloud: They Lived to Tell
  • Reading Selection: Skylark
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Balto: Brave Sled Dog

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Grade 5

Theme 1 Opener: Nature's Fury

Theme 2 Opener: Give It All You've Got!
  • Reading Selection: Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Baseball's Hero with a Heart
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Personal Essay
  • Reading Selection: La Bamba
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Great Wheels Race
  • Reading Selection: The Fear Place
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Boy Invents Toys
  • Reading Selection: Mae Jemison: Space Scientist
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Barbara Jordan: A Powerful Voice for America

Theme 3 Opener: Voices of the Revolution

  • Reading Selection: And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Paul Revere's Ride
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Story
  • Reading Selection: Katie’s Trunk
  • Teacher Read Aloud: A Poundcake for a General
  • Reading Selection: James Forten
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Flag Facts

Theme 4 Opener: Person to Person

  • Reading Selection: Mariah Keeps Cool
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Digby Perkin's Secret Code
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Personal Narrative
  • Reading Selection: Mom’s Best Friend
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Generations Together
  • Reading Selection: Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirers
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Getting Even with Glover
  • Reading Selection: Dear Mr. Henshaw
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Blue Darter
Theme 5 Opener: One Land, Many Trails
  • Reading Selection: A Boy Called Slow
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Art of the Needle and Loom
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Research Report
  • Reading Selection: Pioneer Girl, Growing Up on the Prairie
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Gold Rush
  • Reading Selection: Black Cowboy, Wild Horses
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Dakota Dugout
  • Reading Selection: Elena
  • Teacher Read Aloud: That Shakespeare Fella
Theme 6 Opener: Animal Encounters
  • Reading Selection: The Grizzly Bear Family Book
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Intown Animals
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Persuasive Essay
  • Reading Selection: The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Nunavet
  • Reading Selection: My Side of the Mountain
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Giving Wildlife a Second Chance
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Grade 6

Theme 1 Opener: Courage

Theme 2 Opener: What Really Happened?
  • Reading Selection: Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Mystery of the Cliff Dwellers
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: A Story
  • Reading Selection: The Girl Who Married the Moon
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Vanished
  • Reading Selection: Dinosaur Ghosts
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Search for Monsters of Mystery

Theme 3 Opener: Growing Up

  • Reading Selection: Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Peak Experience
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Writing a Description
  • Reading Selection: Last Summer with Maizon
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Big Brother
  • Reading Selection: The Challenge
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The No-Spit Sleeping Knuckler with a Twist
  • Reading Selection: The View from Saturday
  • Teacher Read Aloud: E!G!G!S!

Theme 4 Opener: Discovering Ancient Cultures

  • Reading Selection: Lost Temples of the Aztecs
  • Teacher Read Aloud: A Box of Dreams
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Research Report
  • Reading Selection: The Great Wall
  • Teacher Read Aloud: The Day of Disaster
  • Reading Selection: The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Our Gifts from the Greeks
Theme 5 Opener: Doers and Dreamers
  • Reading Selection: A Kind of Grace
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Nellie Bly and the Power of the Printing Press
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Personal Essay
  • Reading Selection: Under the Royal Palms
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Making a Mountain into a Monument
  • Reading Selection: Chuck Close, Up Close
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Summer Camp
Theme 6 Opener: New Frontiers: Oceans and Space
  • Reading Selection: The Adventures of the Sojourner
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Mystery Caves
  • Reading-Writing Workshop: Persuasive Essay
  • Reading Selection: Franklin R. Chang-Díaz
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Dining Out - Way Out
  • Reading Selection: Beneath Blue Waters
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Coral Reef Adventure
  • Reading Selection: Out There
  • Teacher Read Aloud: Planet Zed-7
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