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Open Court Curriculum Resources at Curriculum Companion

Open Court English Language Arts ResourcesThe Open Court Curriculum Resources enables you to effectively and easily integrate technology into your English Language Arts curriculum. All of the resources are designed by experienced teachers who understand the daily demands and challenges of the classroom. The Powerpoint presentations, graphic organizers, and web resources save teachers time and provide quality materials that appropriately integrate technology into teaching and learning.

In addition to curriculum resources, we also offer a number of opportunities for developing personal technology proficiency and technology integration. We offer Teacher Explorations which are self-guided individual learning modules for teachers to develop an understanding of technology integration using a variety of researched-based strategies. Tech "how-to's" are short multimedia tutorials that provide the just in time support for those quick questions. Finally, we provide recordings of our online technology workshops, that can be viewed at your own pace.

Save time and enhance teaching and learning with Curriculum Companion’s Open Court Curriculum Resources!

The Open Court Curriculum Resources are a set of online resources organized by grade level and unit that allows teachers to effectively integrate technology with the Open Court Reading 2002 English Language Arts adoption. The Open Court Curriculum Resources include:

Open Court English Language Arts Curriculum Resources Powerpoint presentations to introduce and build background knowledge for each unit and reading selection
Internet resources to support direct instruction, Inquiry, and the Social Studies and Science Connections activities
Downloadable and customizable graphic organizer templates
Suggested titles of video resources from Discovery Education Streaming and Learn360
Strategies for using presentation and productivity software or video to support writing assignments



Using technology.Free Open Court Curriculum Resources Sample Packs

Sign up to receive a free Sample Pack of the curriculum resources for your grade level! Simply complete and submit the form and we will email you a file (.zip) of a selection of teacher created presentations and graphic organizers, that you can try for free!

Open Court Curriculum Resources saves teachers time!

You will find a vast number of pre-selected online resources for each unit of Open Court. Students use the online curriculum resources to support their investigations during Inquiry as well as the learning activities described in the described in Social Studies or Science Connections. Teachers use the online curriculum resources to build background when introducing units and reading selections. Because the Open Court Curriculum Resources have been organized by grade level, unit, reading selection, and page number, it is easy for teachers to plan to include technology in their lessons to support teaching and learning. We have also created an index of the stories from Open Court and cross-referenced with the stories that are also supported in the Houghton Mifflin textbook.

What else is included with the Open Court Curriculum Resources?

Open Court Powerpoint to Build BackgroundTeachers can use the Powerpoint presentations for the unit openers and reading selections to build background and reinforce reading and listening comprehension and writing skills. The Powerpoint presentations are available in 5 formats: a small preview file, a web page that acts just like the actual Powerpoint, a full Powerpoint slide and handout layout PDF file, and a full slide Flash file. We create all custom backgrounds and use age and content appropriate visuals in each presentation - all aligned to the content in the Open Court textbook. Because we purchased many of the images, we cannot share the actual Powerpoint file without violating our user agreements. The Powerpoint presentations are a perfect way to provide discussion prompts, appropriate visuals to build background knowledge,and to reinforce listening comprehension skills.


Open Court Graphic OrganizerTeachers can download graphic organizer software templates as Inspiration versions 7 or 8, or as a PDF file that aligns to the word wall vocabulary and reading comprehension skill(s) for each reading selection and the writing activities in the Writer’s Workbook. Your students can use these graphic organizers to support vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing skills. If your school’s computers have Inspiration installed, you can completely customize the graphic organizers to differentiate instruction and meet the diverse needs of your students.

Students can also use the Internet guide sheets to examine relevant and meaningful information on unit and selection specific web sites. These downloadable and customizable guide sheets are available in Word and as a PDF document and can be found under the theme resources.


Develop technology integration skills with Curriculum Companion Professional Development!

A teacher using technology.Independent learning with the Open Court Online Explorations for Teachers

The Teacher Explorations provide you with a collection of research and best practices articles, narrated Powerpoint presentations, short multimedia tutorials, links to important web sites, and templates and documents that provide you with background knowledge, opportunities to practice new skills, and the chance to share new knowledge gained as part of a cumulative project.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

In a time of diminishing budgets for professional development, teachers must look to new sources to continue adding to and building upon their professional practice. The asynchronous Teacher Explorations are an excellent way for teachers to connect new technology integration skills to their existing curriculum, working on their own schedule.

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Each Teacher Exploration is designed as an independent professional development opportunity with activities and exercises to build background knowledge through research and best practices, practice new skills, and apply the newly acquired skills to your current assignment. The final portfolio and project can be submitted to our team at Curriculum Companion for review.

You can be start any of the Teacher Explorations at any time, working at your own pace. Upon completing a Teacher Exploration, you must submit a final portfolio and project to our team at Curriculum Companion for review. Each Teacher Exploration, with the exception of Exploration 1: Setting the Stage for Technology Integration, is 15 hours in length, which will earn you 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU ) from CSU Chico.

All six steps must be completed for the Teacher Exploration to be considered finished and details on how to submit a completed Teacher Exploration for review are on the Portfolio page for each Teacher Exploration.

Multimedia Technology 'How-To' Tutorials provide "just in time" support!

Narrated Multimedia Technology 'How-To' tutorials includes a library of over 600 tutorials that demonstrate how to use the most popular software applications with the Open Court curriculum materials. Teachers increase their personal proficiency with technology while learning to integrate it in their classrooms. The tutorial library is always growing as new applications come online!

Current Tutorial Titles
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 - Introduction
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 - Intermediate
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 - Introduction
  • Microsoft Word 2003 - Introduction
  • Microsoft Word 2003 - Intermediate
  • Microsoft Word 2007 - Introduction
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 - Introduction
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 - Intermediate
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 - Introduction
  • Introduction to Inspiration Version 8
  • Inspiration Version 7
  • Photoshop Elements 5 - Introduction
  • Creating Cause and Effect Charts with Inspiration
  • Creating a Basic Web in Inspiration
  • Using Kids Search Tools
  • Introduction to Kidspiration
  • Searching for resources using netTrekker
  • Using America's Story Web site - Library of Congress
  • Searching for resources using Factmonster
  • Searching for resources using the Marco Polo Web Site (now Thinkfinity)
  • Finding Images on the Internet

Access Recorded Online Workshops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Curriculum Companion includes a growing library of professional development resources including archived recordings of previously conducted live online workshops. These sessions are typically two hour workshops and currently number approximately 20 hours of training. Teachers are able to see and hear the instructor and see everything on the instructor’s computer that he or she is sharing with participants. No special software is required to view the workshops, and teachers can utilize this resource at their own convenience. As more online workshops are recorded, this library will continue to grow.

Open Court Professional Development


Using Word to Teach Cause and Effect, Part 1 (50 minutes)
Note: This session includes audio

In this workshop, participants will review the basics of using Microsoft Word while creating a cause and effect chart to use as a template for students. This workshop will cover an overview of Microsoft Word tables, navigating the workspace, entering and formatting text, formatting borders and merging and splitting cells. In addition, we will discuss ways to incorporate Microsoft Word tables into the teaching of other reading skills.

Open Court Professional Development

Using Inspiration to Create a Brainstorming Web, Part 2 (1hr 13 min.)
Note: This session includes audio

In this workshop, participants will review the basics of using Inspiration while creating a basic web to use as a template for students or as a lesson aid during instruction. This workshop will cover an overview of Inspiration, navigating the workspace, using the Symbol palette, linking ideas, and the use of the “rapid fire” feature. In addition, we will discuss ways to incorporate Inspiration Webs into other reading applications.

A trainer toolbox to meet your professional development needs!

Open Court Professional DevelopmentCurriculum Companion offers a flexible face-to-face professional development program focused on technology integration into the Open Court English Language Arts curriculum. The professional development modules vary in length from 20 minutes to 6 hours, and can be trained independently or as part of a larger institute. The scope of the 10 modules includes an examination of current research and practices for using technology in reading, classroom management with technology, an overview of the Curriculum Companion resources, and hands-on learning experiences on selected software applications focused on supporting the different components of the Open Court curriculum.

In order to access the professional development modules, teachers must have a trainer account with Curriculum Companion. This account will give trainers access to over 40 hours of professional development resources, including facilitator guides, handouts, agendas, and all training support materials.


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