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Teacher Explorations

The Teacher Explorations provide you with a collection of research and best practices articles, narrated PowerPoint presentations, short multimedia tutorials, links to important web sites, and templates and documents that provide you with background knowledge, opportunities to practice new skills, and the chance to share new knowledge gained as part of a cumulative project.

Anytime, Anywhere LearningWoman using a laptop

In a time of diminishing budgets for professional development, teachers must look to new sources to continue adding to and building upon their professional practice. The asynchronous Teacher Explorations are an excellent way for teachers to connect new technology integration skills to their existing curriculum, working on their own schedule.

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Each Teacher Exploration is designed as an independent learning module with activities and exercises to build background through research and best practices, practice new skills, and apply the newly aquired skills to your current assignment. The final portfolio and project can be submitted to our team at Curriculum Companion Lite for review.

You can be start any of the Teacher Explorations at any time, working at your own pace. Upon completing a Teacher Exploration, you must submit a final portfolio and project to our team at Curriculum Companion for review. Each Teacher Exploration, with the exception of Exploration 1: Setting the Stage for Technology Integration, is 15 hours in length, which will earn you 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU ) from CSU Chico.

All six steps must be completed for the Teacher Exploration to be considered finished and details on how to submit a completed Teacher Exploration for review are on the Portfolio page for each Teacher Exploration.

Exploration 1: Setting the Stage for Technology Integration

keyboard and noteExploration 1 focuses on the issues related to integrating technology in your classroom and specifically within your English Language Arts curriculum. You will examine your level of technology proficiency to determine areas of strength and target areas for growth, your students' level of technology proficiency to help you best make decisions about effective tools and applications, analyze the English Language Arts content standards to make informed decisions about how the standards can be addressed using technology tools, consider when and how you might integrate technology given the issues of access, district policies, and time constraints of your adopted program, and have a chance to examine some of the current research dealing with effective use of technology in elementary literacy instruction.