Setting the Stage for Technology Integration


Man using a computerExploration 1 focuses on the issues related to integrating technology in your classroom and specifically within your English Language Arts curriculum.

To begin, you will examine your level of technology proficiency to determine areas of strength and target areas for growth. Your students' level of technology proficiency will be examined to help you best make decisions about effective tools and applications. In addition, you will analyze the English Language Arts content standards to make informed decisions about how the standards can be addressed using technology tools. You will also consider when and how you might integrate technology given the issues of access, district policies, and time constraints of your adopted program.

Finally, you will have a chance to examine some of the current research dealing with effective use of technology in elementary literacy instruction.

Teacher Exploration Learning Objectives Objectives

By the end of this Exploration you will:

Know what questions to ask before trying to integrate technology with the adopted curriculum materials

Evaluate your own technology proficiency level

Evaluate your students' technology proficiency and their access to technology at school and home

Identify ELA grade level content standards which could be addressed using technology tools

Understand how technology could fit into and not add to your current curriculum standards

Cite research about the effectiveness of technology in literacy instruction

Develop specific strategies for using technology address standards for all English Learner (EL) levels.

Portfolio Packet

Download the Portfolio Packet WORD / PDF

This document contains reflection activities for each section of this Exploration as well as directions for your final project and for submitting a portfolio for Professional Development hours.

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