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History of Curriculum Companion Lite

Finding high quality and relevant technology resources that you can use in your classroom the next day is a challenge - it takes considerable time to find the content and often when you do, it is not an exact match to what is in your textbook or the quality is poor, both requiring more of your time to edit and modify to meet your needs.

Because of this, we created Curriculum Companion Lite, which is a free version that includes a sampling of the content available at Curriculum Companion. Providing teachers with practical and appropriate teacher-created content aligned directly with the English Language Arts adoptions and the resources to learn how to create other technology resources is the foundation of Curriculum Companion Lite.

Origins in Curriculum Companion

Teacher leaning on a stack of textbooksCurriculum Companion Lite includes a sampling of the content available at Curriculum Companion. Curriculum Companion is a subscription-based website that includes a complete set of resources for each grade level of each adoption, plus a full complement of professional development resources.

Curriculum Companion began as a series of face-to-face workshops on integrating technology into the English Language Arts adoptions used by our local teachers. Realizing that the research put into practice that we were sharing was something that teachers outside our local area could use, the Curriculum Companion website was created and launched in October 2005. Just as students come to your classrooms with varying skill levels, so did teachers to our workshops - so the need for ongoing comprehensive professional development was identified and met with a full range of resources.

Why Curriculum Companion?

As former classroom teachers, we understand the challenges that teachers face daily and realize that adding technology into the curriculum presents an overwhelming task for some. Providing students with meaningful technology activities that are based on research on effective instructional strategies, especially as it relates to the use of graphic organizers or graphic representations of knowledge, is one of the guiding purposes of the program.

Through using Curriculum Companion, teachers become more familiar with the English Language Arts adoptions, related materials, and the resources provided by the publishers, which is especially helpful for new teachers or low-performing schools. The Professional Development resources help teachers to increase their personal proficiency and comfort level with using technology to support the curriculum.