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Houghton Mifflin Reading Curriculum Resources


Grade 5, Theme 1: Nature's Fury


Theme 1: Nature's Fury

Presentation resources that include Common Core Standards:

Houghton Mifflin Reading Web Resources Houghton Mifflin Fifth Grade Theme 1 Web Resources

Earthquakes for Kids: Click on the Latest Quakes’ link on this site for kids from the USGS to find Shake Maps and Current, Past and Historical Earthquake data.

Hurricanes: Information and pictures of hurricane damage from FEMA.

Eye in the Sky: Hurricanes: Hurricane video, images and information from National Geographic.

Flying Into the Eye of a Hurricane: Pictures, video and information about hurricanes from National Geographic for Kids.

Volcano World: Searchable information on volcanoes from the Oregon State University.

Volcanoes: Information on predicting volcanic eruptions from Annenberg.

Houghton Mifflin Reading Internet Guide Sheet - Grade 5, Theme 1 for the above resources WORD / PDF

Hurricanes: Site from Kidstorm contains photos, charts and satellite images.

Earthquakes: Video, audio and information about earthquakes from National Geographic.

Earthquakes: Earthquake information from FEMA for Kids.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: NOAA has current information about weather, climate, storms, etc.

Welcome to the Ohio EMA Kids Site: One state’s emergency preparedness site for kids.

American Red Cross: Official website of the American Red Cross.

Houghton Mifflin Reading Video Resources Houghton Mifflin Sixth Grade Theme 1 Video Resources

Discovery Education Streaming:

Search for Elementary Video Adventures: Weather and Climate (clips on How Tornadoes Develop, How Hurricanes Develop) and Earth Science: Weather and Climate (clip on Violent Weather)