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Online Workshops

The Online Workshops are an excellent way to take advantage of meaningful professional development opportunities, lead by classroom teachers with experience in integrating technology into the curriculum -- without leaving your classroom or home!

Woman on a computerBy teachers, for teachers

Each online workshop is presented by teachers, for teachers. We understand that acquiring new technology skills needs to be achieved within the context of your professional environment. As we design each Online Workshops, we prepare each so that you create materials that are connected to your classroom and can be integrated into the curriculum the next day, using the available resources.

Hands-on Training

All of the workshops follow an "I do, you do" format in which the instructor leads you through a process which they model first and then you practice on your own, making the training hands-on. You have the chance to practice new skills, explore features, and ask questions during our synchronous (live) online workshops.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

As time allows in your busy schedule, you can participate in the free online workshops in the late afternoon. To see what online workshops are being offered, visit the Curriculum Companion Lite Home and register today.

Each of the live online workshops is recorded and archived for later viewing, allowing us to provide asynchronous professional development opportunities. Although you cannot chat live with the instructor, as a participant in an asynchronous workshop, you are able to review the content at your own pace - using the the playback features to rewind and pause as needed.

Below are links to a sampling of the asynchronous online workshops being offered here. Click on the photo to view the online workshop. For more asynchronous online workshops, visit Curriculum Companion.

Instructional Use of PowerPoint

Online Workshop: Instruction Use of PowerPointThis class is targeted at beginning users and is intended to provide the basics for using a presentation program for teacher productivity and instruction. Examples of PowerPoints used in classrooms will be discussed. In addition, there will be an opportunity to practice re-creating some of the example slides and work with the various ways of viewing and printing the presentation.

Online Workshop: Using Inspiration in the Writing ProcessUsing Inspiration in the Writing Process

In this workshop participants will learn how to use the basic features of Inspiration to create a web, look at templates, and explore how Inspiration can be used in teaching and learning. This class is designed for teachers who have limited or no experience in using Inspiration.

Surf's Up! Getting the Most Out of Internet Searching

Online Workshop: Surf's Up! Getting the Most Out of Internet SearchingSign on and learn the timesaving strategies to advanced Internet searching in this resource-packed session! We will look at how various search engines use Boolean language, practice some different searching strategies, and examine several resources on how to evaluate the reliability of a website and discuss why it's important.